About Us

Our Company
Waypoint Underwriting Management, LLC is a specialty reinsurance platform operating primarily in the United States.

The value of our firm lies with an executive team that has started, owned and run multiple reinsurance platforms over the last 25 years.

Waypoint has partnered with high quality global re/insurance firms to capitalize on this opportunity.

Waypoint is led by principals who have strong, active and loyal relationships with reinsurance intermediaries and ceding company management. We succeed in the market by employing these guiding principles:

  • A value centered culture of Teamwork, Transparency, Accountability and Respect
  • Technical underwriting
  • Empowered and responsive underwriters
  • Unified effort to grow relationships with cedents across multiple lines
  • Client focused

To ensure we can be a meaningful partner to our cedents, Waypoint offers a broad suite of core products through this platform. We have built our foundation around best-in-class underwriting teams that are well known in the following lines of business:

  • Workers Comp Treaty and Facultative
  • Property Treaty and Facultative
  • Accident and Health Re/Insurance
  • Casualty Treaty